Website Design & Hosting

Website Design

Wordpress Love

We use Wordpress 95% of the time to develope websites. There's no need to reinvent the wheel when Wordpress gives you everything you need, and a bit more on top of that!


Wordpress + Woocommerce gives you an awesome solution to build an eCommerce site! Match it with our awesome Mpesa Checkout plugin and BOOM: Awesomeness!

Honesty & Partnerships

We look forward to forging lasting bonds and relationships in our business. We're here to stay and ensure that word-of-mouth type of reputation is what is advertised over online ads!

Create Fun

Open minded solutions as a result of our vast experience in networking, support, sales, software developement, website design, hosting, we're gonna give you bang for your buck with every action!


99% Uptime Servers

Our servers include cPanel (Control your hosting), Litespeed (speed up your site) and Softaculous (one-click installs & backups for popular web apps). We manage our own servers to ensure we know what we're giving you.

More... much more!