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Calling RAMINIAN just a "point of sale" is not enough!
RAMINIAN will help you manage and grow your business!
Just ask all the other businesses using it! (That's probably how you got here!)

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Selling a product is obvious. But how about special offers, instantaneously calculating profit while controlling price levels, specific to the customer being served!

Where we excel

01. Our Genius Search allows you to find the right item, in a sea of thousands of products, instantly!

02. Automate pricing issued to tiers of clients. Control exposure of costs to the sales person and at the same time control credit limits during sales.

03. Integration with a live MPESA API makes it super easy to confirm payments for sales. Request the exact payment via STK push straight from the sale!

04. Hold documents for processing later. Tag document statuses. Issue approvals. Recreate a document in 1 click, add items directly from sales history searches. (i.e. What price did Mr. X buy this at last time?)


You need items, and you need them now! Knowing curial information can mean the difference between winning and being mediocre!

This is Genius!

01. Order Genius will advise on recommended purchase quantity, on the time frame YOU define! Whilst showing you past purchases to help you get the lowest priced deal.

02. Generate PO's, Email them to the right people. When you receive the Supplier's invoice, simply convert the PO to an Invoice & confirm the right items, qty's & rates were issued!

03. Know your stock positions in all warehouses from sales or reports! Get low stock notifications when signing in!

04. Issue your suppliers with professional looking cheques printed from Raminian! Got VAT Withholding calculation issues? No problem, we got you covered!


By far, the most customizable & powerful reporting via our Super Grid! Filter, highlight, sort, hide columns using our Excel inspired Super Grid. Customize the heck out of your results!

Doing things well. Very well.

01. Excel inspired filtering & highlighting rules will make you feel nice and fuzzy inside! Get monthly or annual reports from any other report simply by grouping! We don't call it a Super Grid for nothing!

02. Export to anything; Excel, PDF, JPG, HTML, RichText/Word, Email. Add your own calculations once in Excel!

03. Selling based on history is easy using our "Transaction History" window; hunt anything down quickly between document types, products, customers or suppliers.

04. Extensive set of Reports will keep you busy & efficient! Document reports, sales team reports, stocks, stock movements, stock as-at-date, profit (by product, sale, day, month)


Life isn't fun without support.
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We are support.

01. Team with access to report support tools to get you up and running as soon as possible.

02. We invest a lot of time & effort continuously developing this software as per the needs of ourselves & our clients. As business requirements and regulations change, we change with the times.

03. We invest in support tools as well; instant remote support & ticketing systems.

04. We use the software ourselves. And we bloody love it! We are sure you will too!