Easy Banker

Bank Management Software

  • Print Cheques

    Any size, any design, any currency, any bank.
    & Notes/Instructions on the back!

  • Manage Bank Accounts

    Handles unlimited banks, reconciliation and user security.

  • Multi-User

    Ability to restict users from viewing Total Balances and/or add, edit, delete

  • Cheque In, Cheque Out

    Manage Post-Dated cheques

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unlimited. Ideally, this program is to be used by one person, who “manages” cheques/banks. However, multiple users can easily access the data.
You just need 1 license per PC.
The program ships with a Layout Designer. Simply drag and drop what you need moved, edit fonts as you wish. No restrictions!
Any printer, which has an envelope tray (DL Size).

  • Chq Print
  • Chq Print
The software has a tabbed interface, so you can multitask!
When closing the software or any tab, you’ll be alerted of any unsaved changes.
We make life easy!
1,234,567.89 will print automagically as “One Million Two Hundred Thirty Four Thousand Five Hundred Sixy Seven and 89/100 Only”
Cheques being sent to the Bank

  • Load up the Cheque List, choose to show “Today and Prior to Today” to show all cheques which should be sent.
  • Deposit Slips come back…
  • Select one slip (which can have multiple cheques for this bank), and check them.
    Select the bank they should get credited for and save!
  • Repeat for each deposit slip.
  • Done!


Easy Banker:

Cheque Printing


One Time License Fee
  • Cheque Printing
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Bank Accounts
  • Withdrawals
  • Deposits
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